Edited at 14.02.2020 – Narrative essay elements

Elements of a Narrative Essay

When writing a narrative essay, a writer is required to captivate the readers by portraying a particular experience. They are also required to pick elements that are relevant to the story they are presenting. Furthermore, as a writer, you should determine that you are not merely narrating a narration, but that you actually have a point of view that you want the reader to recall.

For your narrative to be reliable, it is best to ensure that you start early so that you can have enough information to include in the essay. However, despite the element of a chronological structure in article form, you should equally make sure to start on the current page.


As a writer, you may have come across different narratives in books, articles, and movies. Although these might seem to contradict one another, there is no reason to put them down. In any case, when you write a narrative essay, you are allowed to incorporate the characters and situations that are significant to the story. This allows you to create a personal narrative for the character of the main character.

Moreover, the story has to be unique and give the author a personal perspective. By making this personal narrative, the author not only creates a point of view but builds on the events that have taken place in the novel world. After all, the stories are not created to explore further but strive to synthesize the collected details into a coherent storyline.

Choosing the events

At this stage, you have already decided on the events that will take place in the novel. The next step is determining what will occur in the https://caramellaapp.com/jordanpinker/T1zUfGovO/apa-college-papers-for-sale novel. You are free to choose how and where you will go with the story. However, remember that you have to introduce the character. As a writer, you have to make sure that the actions taking place are connected to the central theme of the story.

Once you have nailed down the timeline, you will have a better chance to tie everything off. At that, you need to show the reader that the narrative is satisfyingly connected to the novels. Thus, it would be best if you made the chronology clear, guiding, and smooth.

Crafting the plot

Before you start the writing process, you must intimately know the details of the story. As a writer, it is essential to know that the story will have three fundamental components: the opening, the middle, and the conclusion. For the former, the beginning will present an idea of the theme, giving a summary of the novel while showing a fitting conclusion for the book. The latter will see a light at the end of the story.